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Wed 30th June 2021

Good afternoon guys.

Just thought I'd pop on and add an update just to let you know what's going on.

Thankfully my web lady managed to sort out the double booking scenario. I have had to implement an online booking system where you can book your own appointments. We had an issue the Google attached another account and started using a secondary calender alongside the original. That calender was showing open appointments which were not open! This resulted in double booking which we are sorting now so all should be good now👍

Just a couple of email readings to catch up on and I will be opening the email readings back up but will only allow two at a time so I don't get behind again.

I'm also getting on with the book, adding as much as I can with the time I have available. It's coming along though. Only another 70,000 words to go 😁 (just hope someone can finish it if I kick the proverbial bucket before it's done)

Looking forward to the 25th of this month at the The old chapel All saints Eastbourne for the demonstration. (Attached picture)Be good to see you guys again after so much time away from gatherings.

Just a little note about the filming I done back in May.. haven't heard anything as yet and probably won't now but understand things take time so no worries there. The lady I was dealing with was lovely and I'm sure she will let me know in time one way or the other so will keep you posted if and when anything happens.

Don't hold ya breath though as I've always been told I've got a face for radio 🤔😁 and not TV 😂

Life has its ups and downs for all of us so just hang in there.Things will get better.

The key to peace of mind is being out in the fresh air and to avoid TV/media .....oh and love island!!!!! 😡👍

Catch up again soon

Martin xx

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