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More About Martin Hopgood

Martin Hopgood - Psychic Medium in Eastbourne
Martin Hopgood - Psychic Medium in Eastbourne
A Short Biography...

For many years now I have had the honour and privilege to work with the spirit world through mediumship, helping many people who have needed healing from bereavement or looking for guidance in one way or another. 

My own journey as a psychic medium started over 20 years ago when I personally experienced a sequence of events which has led me to where I am today.

Coming from a building/construction background, acceptance and the credibility of psychics and mediums had always been questionable in my mind, so understanding what was happening to me at that time was difficult to come to terms with, to say the least! 

I now believe that everyone, without exception, has the gift of seeing, sensing and feeling the energy that surrounds us; but that only some take the time to listen that little bit harder. We have all been born with the gift of insight and intuition! It's how much trust you put in those thoughts and feelings is the key.

In the last 20 years or so I have explored many aspects and avenues to this work as a psychic medium and found it to be multi-faceted and without end. All of those whom follow this path of mediumship will never have all the answers and I certainly wouldn't profess to!

All we know is that there is another form of existence somewhere, somehow. People who have moved on before us want to let us to know they are safe and well. They will try their hardest to prove their enduring presence and continuing journey through an intermediary.

I am thankful every day for being allowed to help people who come to see me for validations of their loved ones in spirit (without the 'pink and fluffy' element!) 

Now after many years of working full time with spirit communication they have consistently brought forward their messages with outstanding accuracy. For this I feel truly blessed and thankful.

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