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Wed 2-8-2023 from Sunny Eastbourne(not)

Hi guys.

I am so sorry for not updating you earlier

The workload has been immense for which i am truly grateful.

Just wanted to update you all on whats happening this end.

I know many of you have left messages and emails for me to follow up on so please bare with me. I have no idea whats happened but the whole world and his wife have left messages and email for me to get back to. I will get through them so please be patient (I'm old) :-/

I am also aware that messages have been left on my work number which havnt been replied to as of yet(work phone went into meltdown so awaiting a replacement before i can access messages.

Due to the excessive workload anyone who has left messages or voicemails on my number, please contact me through email on as the work phone is unmanned for the foreseable future or if you are looking to place a private reading please head over to my 'Private sittings' page where you can book through there choosing your own day and time. There is a long waiting list so look into 2024 for availability.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to the View Hotel last week. I think we had a great time:-)

As most of you know I have the big one coming up in September at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre Eastbourne on the 14th September 2024. I know there is a few seats left in the lower section of the theatre so if you would like to come along drop the Hippodrome a call on 01323 802020 to book through their box office.

We always have a great time on those evenings and as you are fully aware theres no 'Pink & Fluffy' included :-) I'm not sure if people find the way I work is offensive in any way as you cant be too sure these days because of the snowflake society we live in! I'm sure you know it's not meant in any way offensive but keeping it real is essential.

(Thats probably why I dont get invited anywhere lol)

I have so much to mention but will send out a newsletter as soon as i get time to sit down and get this done.

Once again, any enquiries please send to my email address and bookings for private sittings head over to my website and book through there.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Ill look forward to seeing you all again soon.

martin xx

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Monday 15th Jan.2024

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