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Wed 18th Oct 2023

Hi guys.

Sorry its been a while since I posted to keep you all updated.

Firstly, I need to apologise for the delay in getting back to some of you about rearranged bookings. I've had a nightmare rescheduling due to my booking system double booking some evening appointments. I am getting through them slowly so please bare with me.

These last few months have been a bit stressful due to having to attend numerous hospital and doctors appointments.

I have no idea why they keep calling me for blood tests and scans.. 🤷🏽‍♂️ the weird thing is, I don't call them they call me🤔

I've got a couple of mri's coming up so hopefully that will be the last.

As some know, I was diagnosed with a small crohns issue which i manage quite well with diet so no medication needed thank goodness although they seem quite persistent about wanting me to have them.

(I stay away from pharma drugs)

I know many who have the same problem but much worse so I'm thankful mine is under control through diet. (Probiotics and slippery elm(Google that one)

Please allow me to thank everyone who have attended their appointments and my demonstrations.. I really appreciate the support.

For anyone who may be interested, I am.just arranging a date at the View Hotel in Eastbourne for another day of Mediumship tutorial.

I have been asked to do a tutorial for people who are a little more advanced in their journey.

If you would like more information for this day drop me an email on and I'll get it over to you as soon as I've managed to get a confirmed date for early 2024.

Also, if you would like to join me tomorrow evening for a quick live on faceache I will be on there at 7.30pm for a little while where I will share a little bit of news for anyone Interested.

Thanks again for your kindest patience and I'll hopefully see you tomorrow evening g at 7.30pm or at sometime in the future.

Love you ... m xx

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Monday 15th Jan.2024

Hi guys. Looks like the bug finally arrived in my house. Please dont think I'm ignoring you guys. Really not feeling too well at the moment so I'll contact everyone as soon as im back on my feet. 🤒🥵


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