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Wed 12th April 2023

Hi guys just a quicky.

I have received a lot of messages regarding not being able to book private sittings due to the calendar only running for 6 months ahead.

Please continue to scroll through the calendar to 2024 as this is when the next available dates are for private sittings.

I work day and night to get to see as many people as I can but the list gets longer. There may be dates before this as I do get some cancellations or postponements so keep checking😊

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I will check in again soon

M xx

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Monday 15th Jan.2024

Hi guys. Looks like the bug finally arrived in my house. Please dont think I'm ignoring you guys. Really not feeling too well at the moment so I'll contact everyone as soon as im back on my feet. 🤒🥵


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