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Thursday 3rd June 2021

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Hi guys. Thank you for checking in with me again.

Just a little update about where we are at the moment.

If you have been through my site and taken a loo around, there is now an online booking system in place where you can choose your own dates and times for your appointment. When you get onto the book a reading page you will have to navigate to around July/Aug of 2022 as i am booked solid until then. There will be highlighted dates which you can place your own booking. You will get a conformation email and also a reminder email and sms a week or so before your arranged appointment so please don't worry about forgetting. We have that covered for you.

I have had to implement a £10 deposit scheme due to 'no shows' I spend a lot of time preparing for your reading and hope this deters some from not turning up at their appointed time.

On a brighter note, I am getting through the book writing but didnt realize how hard that was! I will get that done in due course. Its strange how many memories come flooding back so i hope its not a boring read for you guys once its done.

As many of you know i was asked to do a bit of filming for a couple of people a few weeks ago. I hav'nt heard anything back from them as expected! but we will see what happens there so i'll keep you posted but don't expect to hear anything as they probably got what they needed and buggered off lol :-)

Just a reminder, the November event at the All Saints church in Eastbourne is still going ahead and i believe we only have another 20 spaces available now so if you wanted to have an evening out and want to come along, drop Jackie a line and get your tickets booked asap as i don't think they will be available for long.

On a completely different note, My daughters have been on at me to get a YouTube channel going! I have no idea what to do with that or how it works so as soon as i can get my thick head around it we will start getting that together.

I also am aware that I'm a little delayed in getting email readings out to people. I have been snowed under recently and have had a few issues in my personal life which throws your thought processes out. I'm pleased to say I'm back on them now and am getting through the backlog again so please bare with me.

Well i think that covered some of it so ill check out now and leave you to your day.

Thank you again for all of your continued support and i'll look forward to seeing you soon.

all my love to you. Stay healthy and enjoy the sun :-)

Remember... You've won the lottery if you have your health. Nothing else matters xxx

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