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Thursday 30th April 2020

Good evening everyone.

Well where did April go!

I hope your all well and staying safe.

I just wanted to pop on for a moan really.. but firstly would like to thank everyone who has been booked in with me for their kindest patience and understanding in having to cancel/postpone or rearrange their private sittings. It's an incredibly hard time for all of us and hopefully most of us will come out the other side unscathed.

I am still working to get through the email bookings I have so please bare with me of you havnt received yours as yet.

Each reading takes around an hour and half so there is only so many I can get through in a day.

Hopefully your won't be too long.

Now for a moan😁

Any of you who have faceache(Facebook) you would have seen an influx of psychic mediums/clairvoyants/card readers and everything in between!! Well what can I say!!

I don't do faceache very often but as i have had more time from not seeing people personally..I have been on Faceache more than I should have been..watching these people give so called 'mediumship readings' !!! What a crock! I have never seen so many people be sucked in by the bs people tell them.

Anyone who's reading this who claims to be a 'Medium' please take note: mediumship is all about giving evidential information that only you and the loved ones in spirit would know.. dates times places people events that relate to the spirit person and to you directly... NOT he/she is saying she loves you and is sending hugs/they say they are around you and looking after you/they visit you when sleeping!!!!! Get a grip people! Where is any validation in that!!! None ziltch zero.

Mediumship is about giving proof that life continues long after leaving here with detailed information of how they passed .. who was many was with them..the time they passed etc etc

It grips my s*** that people are putting out this rubbish.. no wonder we who work in this field are slated by the majority(not that it bothers me in the slightest) Please don't think I'm blowing smoke up my own rear end when I'm knocking these people..I'm not. I've worked for over 20yrs in this field and tried my hardest to prove we live on with detailed information..don't get me wrong.. I also mess up! We are human after all. I'm saying that people who are desperately in need of communication from their loved ones deserve better so anyone who's working in the way I have just spoken about harder! Stay humble and loose your ego!!

You will be surprised what results you get.

Well that's my moan for today 😁

I am going to put an event up shortly which I will host on faceache to take q&a's as well as some readings so it would be great if you can join me.

I'll get a date together and pop it on here soon.

If you fancy coming along for a watch add me

Martin Hopgood Medium on faceache

Stay safe people.

I'll look forward to seeing you again when this is over xx 😘

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