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Thursday 15th July 2021


Hi guys.

Just wanted to pop on to keep you updated.

We are all set for the forthcoming Evening of Mediumship at The Old Chapel All saints Eastbourne on Sunday 25th July.

Really looking forward to this event as it's been such a long time since we have got together.

On the evening there will be a photographer just taking some snaps for my website. He has been informed not to include anyone in the audience in pictures taken for your privacy.

I'm sure you guys won't mind as there won't be any intrusion or disturbance on your evening. He will be very discreet.

Face coverings and social distancing will be of your choice.

If anyone feels this arrangement would not suit them then please contact us and we will refund your ticket money.

Thank you guys for your continued support.

See you all on the 25th July.

You may want to bring a camera as this venue is the nuts...I mean beautiful 😁

Bye for now.

Martin xx

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Monday 15th Jan.2024

Hi guys. Looks like the bug finally arrived in my house. Please dont think I'm ignoring you guys. Really not feeling too well at the moment so I'll contact everyone as soon as im back on my feet. 🤒🥵


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