Thursday 12th August 2021

Hi guys.

It is with huge regret that I have to postpone the Uckfield Civic Centre event on Saturday 14th August 2021 due to having to have an emergency operation on a retina repair procedure tomorrow afternoon.

I have I waited as long as I could to see if I was able to do this but have been advised by the surgeon to rest after the op and has advised to reschedule this event.

I will contact the civic center in the morning to postpone but wanted to give people the heads up who have booked so they can also inform others attending.

I cannot tell you how sad I am for letting you guys down but I have to make sure I'm well enough for when we meet next time.A new date will be arranged asap.

Tickets will still be valid for the new date.

I just want to apologize for having to pull out at the 11th hour.

All my love and thanks for your understanding.

Martin 😢

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