Thu 28th October 21

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to catch up quickly and let you guys know what's going on.

As most of you know I was hit with covid pnemonia last week.

I've had to take a few days off since leaving hospital to get the pnemonia under control. I must say, I've never had pneumonia before and didn't realise how hard that hits your body .. really frustrating as I'm not usually unwell. (Although this year has been testing!)

I wanted to let you all know that the appointments I've had to rearrange will get sorted asap for you.

I honestly thought I would be back and carrying on as usual but this pnemonia really kicked my arse.

I am slowly getting back to it now as past the isolation period(or will be tomorrow)

Thank you so much for your kind understanding and continued support.

I am also contacting the Uckfield Civic Center this week to reschedule that event for late January or early February.

I cannot believe I had to cancel that event twice due to health related issues😡 First an eye operation then hospitalisation through pnemonia 🤷‍♂️

I was so looking forward to doing that evening and tried to get there but I was just not well enough, my apologies.

Hopefully next year will be better ☺️

Thank you again for your kindest patience and I'll be in touch with everyone in the coming days to rearrange the missed appointments.

All my best

Martin ❤️

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