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Thu 28th May 2020

Good evening guys.

We are nearly there thank goodness.

I was hoping to get back to work seeing people face to face on the 1st June but alas this is not to be☹️ I am now aiming on getting back on either the 15th or the 16th June as outlined by the government guidelines.

I would like to thank everyone for their kindest patience and sticking with me.

I know it's been highly frustrating for all concerned and have had real issues dealing with my own thoughts and feelings regarding letting people down over this period. I have tried to get through the email reading as quick as I can but still have loads to do so please bare with me.

There has been so much going on in the background my end along with working on emails.

I have been getting my new book together with a writer who has needed so much information. This has brought up some long lost memories and situations that have brought me to where I am now so should be an interesting read once completed. I must say the lady helping me achieve this first book is absolutely mustard at what she does and am so appreciative of her help.

This book is a 'no holds barred' version of how I see this work and the people that surround it! As well as my own personal journey.. trust me this is not 'pink and fluffy' and may upset a few or expose some others! Please do not think this is an ego certainly is not! It was commissioned originally for a memory to my kids when I'm gone but as we went through the info I wanted written it became obvious to put it out to everyone as it's strips back the fluffiness many place around this work.

I think I will be a good read(hope so anyway:-)

As soon as this is done I will place copies on my site for sale for a small fee.

For all you guys on Instagram. Please could I ask for your support to hit the follow button as this helps to get a decent publisher for the book(no idea how or why but it does)

My Instagram is Martin Hopgood Psychic Medium

On a different note..

As most are aware we have had to cancel the demonstrations at the Civic centre .. The view Hotel and a couple of small ones at centres.

We are living in hope that we can still do the Royal Hippodrome in Eastbourne in November but this is still not certain at the moment.Personally I think we will have to rearrange but we will gauge it as time goes on.

Let me know what you guys think.. would you guys still want to attend a theatre whilst this is going on?

I'll go by what you guys want to do then make a decision.

Please allow me to thank you all again for your continued support.

I really do appreciate it..thank you.x

If you wouldn't mind following me on Instagram that would be great too.

Take care everyone and I'll look forward to seeing you all again soon

Lots of love

Martin xx

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