• Martin Hopgood

Saturday 30th Jan 2020

Hi guys. Just wanted to touch base with you as I havnt posted for a while.

The world's still crazy but we all have to carry on.

As most will know I'm working from home now on email reading requests.

It's booked solid but am getting through them so thank you for everyone's patience in waiting for their readings.

Looks like I won't be getting to see you guys at any demonstrations any time soon which is a downer ☹️ hopefully it won't be too long till we can catch up again and have some well earned laughs.

It's been a crazy time for everyone for sure.

I think my message is that we should all be as kind as we can in these times. We all have different opinions about what's going on and we should all respect those differences of opinion.

I for one believe, if your not scared of dying, then don't be afraid of living👍

Ok guys.. for any of you who may be interested and want a break from the msm and continuous bad news on the Tele box, I'll be doing a live Facebook/Instagram evening on Friday 5th February at 7.30. I intend to have a chat with people and perhaps pop some readings in if the people upstairs want to join us.

Anyway, I'll post a page up soon with all the details so I hope I see some of you there.

For now, stay safe and take good care


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