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Sat 7th March 2020.

Hi guys.

Just to let everyone know I will back at work Monday and will organise with Jackie the people that have had to be cancelled due to my time off through being poorly. We will get some new dates to you asap as I know you guys have been waiting for months to get in to see me so again I would like to thank you you all for your patience.

On another note... After having a couple of weeks away from see ing clients I have been forced into watching a certain amount of daytime TV! Well what can I say.. I have never seen so much rubbish in all my life! I personally don't watch TV as I'm mostly working but these last two weeks have certainly opened my eyes to how people are programmed by programs!! This is why they are called programs.. to program you.. mind numbing rubbish.. I can see why mental health is an issue these days.. constantly reminding people of how you should be & how you should look .. this diet that diet..don't wear this don't wear that.. are you male female or gender neutral.. I have nothing against anyone being who they want to be as I believe this makes a beautiful world.. but to say there are over 100 types of gender and that the schools should be aware of this is crazy.. just let people be who they want to be. No wonder the children of these days have issues. Stop putting this mind altering rubbish on the TV.

Many people have said that I'm just a conspiracy theorist. Their right... I am. I guess that's what happens when you become awakened through working with higher energy. So much more becomes clear.

Watching this rubbish has convinced me even more that everything you see on TV and read in the papers is complete rubbish to scaremonger and alter your own conscious thoughts.

Now we have a flu called Corona virus.. yes I believe it's a bad flu but I also believe this created in a lab and not by eating bats or snakes as the Chinese have been doing this for years. This virus was preplanned .. isn't it funny that only a few weeks ago the Chinese government was close to collapse due to the many people fighting for their rights on the streets of Hong Kong .. best way to stop them.. release a virus. Not a protester in sight now!

Perhaps read the book by Dean Koontz The Eyes of Darkness(not that you can get it anywhere anymore)!!

It states this virus will be present around 2020.. the book was published in 1981!

I'll post a picture as I have read this book and there are many other things predicted!! In it.

I'm don't really voice my thoughts about anything political or religious but after watching so much rubbish over these last two weeks I just wanted to vent.

Anyway.. sorry for venting my thoughts on here.. I will be just so pleased to get back to work away from the tele box and the false information and distracting behaviour of the press(news) that they are feeding everyone.

God forbid I ever I am poorly again! I'll lock myself in my greenhouse and talk to my plants without a telebox.😊

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