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Sat 6th June 2020

Good evening everyone.

Just thought I'd take a few minutes out from emails to catch up.

It always seems I come on here to have a rant about one thing and another!

People who know me and have come for reading know that I'm very level headed and as down to earth as you can get so I'm gonna say this as I see it.

For many of you that have Faceache (Facebook)

Can you believe the amount of psychics that have come out the woodwork! 🤷‍♂️

I don't have a problem with that at all but my goodness.. no wonder we who work in this field have such a bad reputation! I have never seen so much rubbish in all my life.

I'm not saying I know all and everything because I certainly do not! The majority! (Nearly all) that I have had the misfortune to watch need to go and stand in the corner and have a word with themselves!!

I feel awful for the people who are being fed absolute rubbish without 1 Oz of solid concrete evidence. All this 'he/she is with you and watches you while you sleep' they send 'their love' 🤷‍♂️ they say they 'love you' who the hell are 'They'! Prompting people to answer so they can feed from their answers..


I know I'm opinionated and head strong but I cannot bare people being taken for fools or taken advantage of in their time if need and grief.

This also applies to the big names as well as the faceache 'psychics' & self appointed 'mediums'.

I would just like to say this.....

Arrogance and ego will be your downfall.

Stay humble and let humility be your way.

That's my rant of the week😊

Now I have to get back to my email readings so I'll check out.

Stay safe and well people.

Hopefully see you very soon.

Martin xx

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