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Sat 19th June 2021

Hi guys.

I just thought I'd share something with you which may help others who suffer anxiety.As most of you know, I have suffered with my own episodes of anxiety for around 15 years!

I personally don't think it ever goes away but is certainly manageable if you know how.

There are many techniques to manage the effects of anxiety and panic which is well documented on the internet or from specialists in that field but have you ever considered that the feelings of dread and heart racing are actually yours!

Over the years working with spirit communication I have come to realise that most of my anxiety attacks are not mine! and that energy from others can be transmitted onto your own Auric field.

Let me give you an example..

Last week I took a call from one of my daughter's who had witnessed a terribly sad situation. Whilst on the phone to her, for no apparent reason her feelings of high anxiety and sadness was transferred to me. My anxiety hit a 9 on a scale of 10 which made me feel so ill, heart racing/the feeling of passing out etc..

I know as 'sensitive's' we pick up on people's energy easily but this experience made me think.

If it can happen to me then why can't it happen to others. Of course it can.

It's not only sensitive/mediumistic people who gets energy transfer. It's everyone.

What I'm trying to say is, whenever you get the anxiety attack or the feeling of it coming on, ask yourself where you have been or who have you been with! The anxiety may not be yours at all, there a huge possibility that you have picked up someone else's energy, either by meeting/phone/txt or any other form of communication.

As soon as you realise this then releasing the feeling of the attack is easier.

Burn white sage and ask for the feeling to be taken away👍

Just a thought that I would share with you.

Martin xx

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