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October 4th 2021

Nothing to get excited about 😁 just wanted to check in to see how everyone is.

A nice sympathetic t shirt from my m8 regarding my eye issue 👁️

I've been hit by the man flu and am dosed up to the eyeballs. Hopefully be all good again soon.

One thing after another 🤷‍♂️ just get my eye on the mend then people turn up giving me their germs 😡

Should have the cataract done soon which was caused by the op.

We all good for the Uckfield Civic Centre event so crossing my fingers all goes well.

Still got about 50,000 words to go on the book but am getting on with it.

That's going to upset a few I'm sure 😂

The truths the truth eh👍

If anyone who has had any readings done from me and would like to add their journey through why you sought help from a medium then drop me a line.

We can keep it strictly confidential.

Anyway.. time for another lemsip 🤧so I'll check out for now and wish you all a great week. Mx

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