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June 9th 2019

Good day to you all.

I'm sorry I havn't been able to update you all recently on everything that's going on.

Work has been extremely busy since the new website went up. A huge thank you to Amanda for getting this done and being patient with me.

Calls and bookings are coming from far and wide now, from Canada to china which is crazy.

I will be going to Canada at some point(probably next year now) to do a demonstration so this will be advertised nearer the time.

As some will know we are not able to book The Royal Hippodrome this year due to a celebrity medium booking at the same period! that's cool though as we have been invited back to Crockstead Farm Hotel in November this year and will be back at the Hippodrome in Eastbourne next year around November time.

I just thought I would pop on and keep you all updated as to what's going on.

I am also in the process of getting material together for the book which will be frank and straight to the point in regard to my work. This is going to outline my beginnings to where my work is now. As most people know I am not the usual type! when it comes to this work and believe in the absolute truth so this book will outline everything I had to go through in life and the choices I made(mostly bad ones!)

I wanted to get everything down on paper to leave for my children when I pass and also show people who have been kind enough to follow me and support me in my work that it doesn't matter what life can throw at you! there is always another path.(no pink and fluffy in this book:-)

So … I am looking for around 20 people who have visited me and experienced a reading, good bad or ugly to write to me about there reading so this can be entered into the book with your permission. From start to finish. What made them have a reading, whether they believed in our ongoing journey before coming and how or if it changed their mind regarding a continuation of life.. what they took from it basically. Details of their reading as everyone likes a story. I am looking for about a page worth of reading per person so around 200-300 words would be great but please feel free to extend if you so wish.

So If you would like to be entered into the upcoming book(no names or details mentioned) please contact me privately at

Its going to take a few months to get together but would love the info as soon as possible. (Please do not blow smoke up my rear end!) lol this is about your own experience :-) Its lovely people say nice things but this work is more about you than me:-)

Ill look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for your continued support.

Lots of love

martin x

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