• Martin Hopgood

Jan 6th 2021.

Well suprise suprise! Here we are again😡

Always said this was going on for a year+😡

I won't bore you guys with my opinion but will apologise again for having to postpone readings again.

I will be doing a live on faceache and instamoan soon and will update you all with a date to join me if you would like.👍

We are organising zoom and email readings for everyone who is booked in so Jackie will be in touch with all of you. I hope we can move forward without too much of an inconvenience to you guys until I can get to see you all face to face.

We still have demonstrations booked in for this year at the Uckfield Civic Centre in March and at the View hotel in June. Also we have the Royal Hippodrome in Eastbourne in November but we will have to see if these can go ahead as time goes on, I will keep you all posted.

Anyway, thank you for baring with me for all this inconvenience and hopefully we will be out if this soon.

Always stop and say hello if you see me out and about👍

Thank you again and I'll see you on faceache and instamoan for a live evening soon.

Martin xx

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