Friday 22nd October 21

With the biggest regret I have had to cancel the Evening of Mediumship at The Uckfield Civic Centre.

The pneumonia hasn't cleared as well as I thought it might. I've tried desperately to keep this appointment with you guys but just am not well enough as yet.

I know this has caused so much disruption for people and I want to apologise from the bottom of my heart for not being able to attend.

My most sincere apologies to Lou and Civic Centre.Im hoping to reschedule another date early next year. Full refunds are available from the booking office at the Civic Center or ask to be put on rescheduled event.

Once again. My most sincere apologies but it wouldn't be fair that we can't do the best for you guys.

Just need to get a little better.

All my love and thanks for your understanding. Martin xx

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