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Fri 6th August 21

Hi guys.

Just thought I would keep you posted regards upcoming readings.

I have just got back from the hospital hoping for better news regards my iritis issue.

It looks like I've got to go back to hourly treatment on it until I see them on Monday morning again.

I'm hoping there some improvement but have managed to get a cataract in the process due to the infection. ☹️

Honestly don't feel great at the moment so I'm having to take a little time off for the next few days to help this heal.

My most sincere apologies to everyone who is waiting on their appointments and ail readings.

A thank you to you all for your kind words and patience and also to my daughter who's written this comment out.

As soon as I'm back I'll let you guys know and get your all booked back in to clear the backlog.

Love as always. Martin x

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