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Angel Board Readings

Angel Board Readings are available with Jackie at the new studio in Hampden Park, Eastbourne.

The Angel Board is a tool to help connect with the Spirit world.

During your reading, you will sit around a table with Jackie, with your fingers lightly touching the planchette. Jackie will connect with her Spirit Guide and ask for protection and guidance to keep you safe during the reading.

As the energy builds and loved ones draw close the planchette spells out messages for you. Jackie always encourages you to ask questions so as to verify that it is your relative or friend that you are communicating with.

The next step of the reading is for you to chat with your loved ones, asking questions about their lives, issues they may be having, what the future holds plus much more. Some people come to just have a chat with them.

Readings for individuals usually last for approximately 1 hour and for groups of people it will be longer. Jackie does not set a time limit for readings as Spirit decide when the session will stop.

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