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5-10-2020 Time for a moan!

Good day everyone.

I hope you are all keeping well and stearing clear of all the bugs!

I just wanted to pop on and have a little moan.

As most of you know.. I personally don't go onto social media very much only to advertise upcoming events as it's free👍

On the occasions I have logged in I was surprised to see how many 'mediums!' psychic mediums.. clairvoyants.. clairvoyant mediums and everyone in between were giving readings.

I watched a lot of these vids/live's(albeit about 30seconds each) in hope that I could learn different techniques and expand my knowledge of my work.

Please may I just say ( without prejudice or ego)

Being an intermediary (medium) comes with huge responsibility to deliver evidential information that can only relate to the person or people who have gone before us.

NOT 'she /he walks with you' 'is with you always' 'sees you' 'watches you'!!! Blah blah blah..

NONE of this is evidence!

Nor is 'i can feel you have been through a bad period in the last 20years!! Or propting people to return information so you can feed from it!

Unless you can give a person real evidence.. times of passing.. who was there.. how many were there... How they passed with detail.. just to mention a few!! Perhaps think about changing your description of what you offer people.. perhaps fortune teller would suit better!. If you want to class yourself as an intermediary then I suggest you work a s*** load harder to get REAL information.

It just frustrates me that people are looking for true..TRUE validation of their loved ones who have left us..not the bs that I've listened to on many occasions.

No wonder this work gets such a bad press 🤷‍♂️

I know this sounds like a egotistical rant and I sincerely wouldn't want it to be seen like that but until this work is regulated then I guess we will have to put up with it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.. if you can't give solid evidence then don't call yourself a medium! Rant over 👍

Anyway guys..

Just needed to get that off my chest. 😁

Keep well and I'll speak again soon

Martin xx

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