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14-10-19 Crockstead Farm Event Is Now Sold Out.

Hi everyone.

Once again thank you for your amazing support in the work we do.

Im sure we will have a great evening at Crockstead Farm. Just got to shift this horrible cold:-(

For anyone who may be interested I will be hosting an evening of q&a's on my facebook page; Events. Martin Hopgood Medium & Clairvoyant. (hate the word Clairvoyant) on Sunday 20th October @ 8pm -10pm

This will be the first time I have done this so please bare with me as I'm rubbish at live talking but we will give it a go :-) The whole object of doing this was to dispel some of the b/s that so often gets associated to this work. As most will know.. I am straight talking and brutally honest but still compassionate to peoples needs and feelings so if you fancy joining me to fire any questions you may have regarding this work or any other subject you wish to approach I will answer as many as I can with honesty and my truth.

Trust me.. I don't really know a lot about anything so this should be quite a laugh:-)

Anyway, Thank you again for your continued support and ill look forward to seeing you at the dems. Martin xx

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