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Monday 30th Aug 2021

Hi everyone.

Wanted to share a few words with you.

These past few weeks have been testing to say the least.

The time off has highlighted how important it is to live your life in the moment. I know it's a huge clechè but it's so very true especially when it comes to your health.

The old adage 'if you've got your health you've won the lottery' is certainly true.

It makes you realise how difficult some others with much worse conditions cope.

My point is... It doesn't matter about doesn't matter about relationships.. nothing matters more than your health.

I'm sure most of us have abused our bodies in the past, me included! I've done some crazy things in my past which I've outlined in my upcoming book(when I can see to finish it) some of which I'm not proud of but I wouldn't be who I am today and know the things I know without having those experiences.

I guess those days catch up with us in the end.

I see so many people who are going through so many issues and of course it's all relative to that person and their life.

Most of which could be changed if they valued their own worth.

So many illnesses are caused by stress, usually by others actions or behaviour whether that be at work or home. As soon as you start to value your own worth your health improves immensely.

Of course my job is to bring evidence of an afterlife but many people who have lost loved ones come to me broken which I can fully empathise with.

The last thing our loved ones want is for us to be sad! Yes it's human nature to be upset but they know as I do that we will all meet again.(if we want to of course)

There is so much to write on this subject and I don't want to bore you all with my thoughts now so I'm gonna check out for this evening and leave you guys alone.

Please look after your health.. mental and physical. It's the most valuable thing you have(apart from your kids)

Turn the TV off .. poison...and get out in the fresh air.

Do not listen to main stream media (news) that's poison.

Get away from social media ..more poison.

Value your worth and health.

All my love to you

Speak again soon

M xx

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